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Illustration for the following fluffiness, written by SatansSin (go read her thorki fics if you haven’t already. Seriously):

“Come to the bedroom in twenty minutes” Loki said, kissing Thor again and pulling away.

His heart was hammering in his chest as he headed back inside, aware of Thor’s gaze on his back.

He went in, closed and locked the door and took a deep breath.

“Okay, Loki” he said “now or never”

Gulping, his hands shaking, Loki headed over to the wardrobe and pulled out the box labeled Thacmis.

It was one of the most well designed, expensive lingerie collections and Loki bit his lip at the one he pulled out of the box.

It was a black lace negligee, coming up to the middle of his thighs, frilled at the bottom so it would hang on him like a sinful curtain.

Beneath it, he wore black lace panties and a black garter that…

…Loki gulped – Thor would take off with his teeth.

He blushed brightly and started to pull his clothes off.

He went in to the bathroom, took a quick shower and returned to wear it.

Stepping into the panties, Loki was blushing and by the time he wore the negligee, he was as red as a beet.

The garter came next, and then his newly bought heels.

He was almost Thor’s height now, and did a few poses to distract himself before he put everything away, sprayed his cologne on himself and exhaled.

Okay … this was it.

Loki turned down the bed, pulled the drapes closed and swallowed, trying to get rid of his nerves.

He walked to the door and pulled it open, swallowing again as he poked his head out.

“Th – Thor?”

He heard thumping before he heard Thor come over and he licked his lips as his perfect hunk came into view.

Loki smiled “Okay, now count to ten and then you can come in”

Thor bit his lip and all but groaned, but he obeyed.

Loki closed the door and headed for the bed, wondering how he could lay on it.

He ended up sitting on the corner, legs on display and heels extended as Thor walked in.

His heart was racing but the moment he saw Thor, he relaxed.

Thor, for his part, was stunned.

His mouth fell open and he gaped at Loki, the blood rushing south as he looked at how utterly beautiful Loki looked!

His …


“Thor?” Loki asked, his voice raspy as he stretched backwards towards the bed, letting his legs fall open a little “What’s wrong?”

Thor choked and he felt his heart rate get faster and faster.

A moment later, he lunged and Loki squealed as he fell under his weight, Thor’s mouth fixed on his own.

The bed felt warm under his back and Loki moaned as Thor pressed him down hard, his hands running down his arms and lacing their fingers together.

“Damn it, Loki…” he groaned “You’re beautiful…”

He groaned and buried his face in Loki’s long neck, making Loki give a high pitched whine.


He closed his eyes, his chest moving up and down rapidly as Thor opened his mouth wider and wider, biting him and giving him, gasping, open mouthed kisses as he fit his weight firmly on top of Loki.

Loki dragged his heels on the bed and Thor’s hands left his so he could feel him.

Loki closed his eyes, his chest heaving, his hands going over his head to pull at the sheets as Thor continued, kissing his collar, his neck, running his hands down the negligee and kissing over it, reaching the panties and all but moaning when he saw them.

“This …” he gasped as he reached Loki’s thigh “This is …”

Loki moaned as Thor’s teeth fixed on the garter and he pulled.

“Thor, please…”

“Why?” Thor asked, pulling at it, leaving at Loki’s knee so he could kiss the light imprint the garter made “Why did you…?”

“Because I love you” Loki gasped, whimpering as Thor went on “I love you”

Thor made a sound as though he was choking and moved to kiss him again.

Loki moaned, threw his arms around him and opened his mouth beneath Thor’s lips.

“Now I will show you” Thor panted “How much I love you”

Loki shuddered, but was denied the right to speak when Thor kissed him again and pushed him into the bed once more, climbing on top of him fully and leaving him breathless.

His large hands went down his sides, hissing on the lace and stopping where it was tied together with black ribbon.

“Look at me”

Loki was panting and he fluttered his eyes open to see Thor straddling him, his hands on either side of his head.

“Now watch”

Loki’s already racing heart threatened to break through his chest when Thor lowered his head, took the ribbon between his teeth and pulled it open, letting the negligee fall off him, leaving him bare.

Loki shuddered, remaining only in those panties that Thor was now lowering off his hips.

“Oh God…” Loki whined when he was freed and when Thor’s mouth descended on his chest, nipping and biting him gently before soothing him with his tongue.

It was too much, Loki was hard and the moment Thor ground against him, his jeans rough on his bare skin, Loki screamed.

And Thor kissed him, taking the sound in and making Loki moan as he pressed him into the mattress, his mouth firmly on top of Loki’s his hands raking his nails down Loki’s sides, making him shudder.

Loki closed his eyes, his voice gasping, panting and moaning as Thor continued and everything dissolved into lust and quicksilver.

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